Whan That Aprille
Bringing the Outside In!

"A Soggy Walk On The South Downs Led To This HARD BACKED Book Inspired By Chaucer"

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Born  and  bred  in  the  London  suburbs,  Heather's  great  escape  in  her  youth  were  those  wonderful  green  London  country  buses,  enabling  her  to  roam  in  fields  of  North  West  Kent.  She  developed  a  passion  for  being  outside  and  exploring  new  places  and  meeting  people from a very young age. 

When  Heather  decided  to  explore  the  South  Downs  Trail  she  came  across  two  obstacles;  bad  weather  and  the  lack  of  a  book  about  the  area. Finding there were only ones telling walkers to “turn left at the third horse on the right”, and nothing for nosy people like her who wanted to know much more, she decided to take action. Unable  to  do  anything  about  the  weather  she  decided  to  start  writing  about  people  and  places  either  side  of  the  South  Down  Way.

“There was only one thing for it – write it!” explained Heather.

Three years  later  “Whan That Aprille”  was  born.

A Coffee Table Style Book
“In the meantime, I’d bumped into a photographer from Petersfield who has taken some fantastic shots. It was rather lovely driving him around saying ‘I’ll have one of those, and one of those’ as he snapped away.”

Alongside Steve’s images, the large, coffee table-style book contains useful maps and information.

Either Way

"The book is about what is either side of you as you walk the South Downs Way between the start in Winchester and the border with West Sussex,” said Heather, who is a cover teacher. “It is full of ‘stuff’ about the people and the places, the history, the landscape, work and leisure, that the usual guides don’t tell you about.

A Ghost That Does The Housework

“Do you know about the ghost who does housework? The club that held the FA cup for longer than any other team? The Royal Navy signalling system that never really worked? The lady of the manor who would do her morning exercises on her balcony… in the nude?


"A really lovely book. Congratulations"

"Just to let you know that I got a huge 'telling off'' for being late back at work Saturday afternoon. But I put all the blame on you and your wonderful book !"

"Like most people, I like nice surprises-but your book was more of a shock than a surprise. I haven't done any housework today - again this is your fault - because I have been sitting here fascinated with your book."

"To be perfectly honest, I cannot see how you can fail to sell many, many copies and a very good read it is too! "

"I have your book in front of me and never have I been so glad to have spotted an article in the Petersfield Post. It is a truly lovely,dare I say unique, book and deserves wide publicity!"

"It's so nice that I've decided it's far too good for a Xmas present and will instead be a wedding anniversary present...34 yrs and counting..and may even encourage us to embark on the walk ourselves !"

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